Pumpkin Horchata X Jacked Up Jill This eXquisite handcrafted beverage was originated from Mexico.

The process of making horchata on its own is a sure eXtra ordinary from soaking, hand pressing, straining,

and simmering to produce an authentic experience. Made with 100% organic Pumpkin Puree, rice, cinnamon, and almonds.


Serve it with steamed with oat milk, pumpkin horchata mix, and house made coconut whipped cream.

Also enjoy it with a shot of local roast of espresso by Jacked up Jill coffee


Have it 3 Ways or try it as a Horchata Flights (ask for details) 


This is also paired with our very own MoNUTs Bibingka


Bibingka originated in Philippines. This eXquisite dessert is traditional serve every holiday season.

MoNUTs creation of bibingka are made with gluten free and 100% Plant based.


Made with brown rice flour, vegan butter, organic raw

sugar cane, coconut milk, egg replacer, and salt.

Serving it warm with unsweetened shredded coconut

on the side.

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