Our Story… 


The health industry is flooded with protein bars and healthy snacks packed with sugar. Something new and different needed to come that would meet my nutritional needs and satisfy my sweet tooth after a hard workout and another one after a “mom day”.


In March of 2019, I joined the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation as a competitor and decided to try a plant-based diet. Being highly intolerant to lactose, I found I was limited to certain protein bars and identified plant based snacks were missing in the market. 


Well into my preparation for the competition, I witnessed the struggle of limiting myself from treats, and the compounded guilt after I caved and had a sugar treat. It was then, I discovered combining my passion for baking and my experience in preparing for this competition, MoNUTs became a realty. 


MoNUTs became first plant based protein donut in Winnipeg and we built it from the ground up with natural wholesome ingredients that my family and I can enjoy. I was selective about the ingredients, texture and taste and aimed for perfection where the phrase guilt free can be experienced by all.


We opened our store front on April 6, 2020 on Scott Street in Osborne Village, and we continue our mission to provide a plant based option for our customers and collaborate with our incredible network of local businesses. 


We didn’t get here on our own, thank you to all our close friends and family with your continued support for MoNUTs Cafe.




Motivated to create something different and nutritional


Outperform other overproduced products by using delicious Vegan ingredients


Nourish your body, with gluten free and sugar free treats


Uplift your soul and help you take on the day


Thrive on always discovering new flavours and recipes 


Succeed together in collaboration with other local businesses in our community



MoNUTs is not just a donut.


We filled your holes with 

WHOLESOME ingredients and nutrients. 


Each donut is handcrafted and made with passion.

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